Shaped folding curtain door

Product performance:

Our company according to the GB14102-2005 standard, to develop the new type of double track inorganic cloth super fire shutter production, the curtain surface color with various flame retardant materials processed by special technology, has the high limit of fire resisting and heat insulation performance is strong, soft texture and good appearance characteristics, special grade track series can replace the firewall, saving water curtain protection system. Save water, reduce the cost, the most suitable fire big Pian ultra wide partition, is the most ideal inorganic fire shutter, fire shutter I produced the most students to the national testing center of the inspection, to meet the needs of various customers.

Application scope:

Double track inorganic super fire curtain cloth is mainly applicable to the large market, supermarket, library, warehouse, airport engineering and logistics center, supermarkets and other places of furniture.